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Iran Aseman Airlines (Persian: هواپیمایی ایران آسمان‎‎) also known as Aseman, is an airline headquartered in Terhan, Iran. It operates scheduled domestic passenger services and regional international services. Aseman is Iran's third-largest airline by active fleet size.


The airline was established and started operations in 1980.The airline's historic links go back to 1958 to the airline Air Taxi Co., which was rebranded as Pars Air in the 1970s and later Iran Aseman Airlines.

In March 2007, it was owned by Iranian Civil Pension Fund Investment Company and had 298 employees. It has since been privatized.


Iran Aseman Virtual Is not affiliated with real Iran Aseman Airlines in ANY WAY. If you are looking for real world Iran Aseman Airlines visit www.iaa.ir.


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خلبانان 19
هواپیماهای موجود در ناوگان 26
مسیرها 191
مجموع ساعت پروازی: 6677:42
مجموع پرواز ها 224
پرواز های عادی 120
پرواز های چارتر 104
درصد پرواز های عادی 53.57 %

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کد کاربریخلبانمبداءمقصدتاریخمدت پرواز
IRC102Amir Hossein Mahdioun  OIII  OITR 2018-03-09 70:00
IRC116Mohammed Hossain Tirgar  OMDB  OIIE 2018-03-06 01:35
IRC100Kamyar Yeganeh  OMDB  OIIE 2018-03-05 01:36
IRC100Kamyar Yeganeh  OISS  OIAW 2018-03-04 00:49
IRC116Mohammed Hossain Tirgar  OIZH  OMDB 2018-03-01 01:10

 خلبانان جدید

خلبانعضو شده
IRC118-Elshan Ahmadzadeh2018-02-16
IRC117-Ariya Vafajoo2018-02-12
IRC116-Mohammed Hossain Tirgar2018-01-26
IRC115-Sepehr Samadi2017-11-17
IRC114-Ali Dadvand2017-09-17

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